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Bullet bioscience · Jul 05, 2022

July Issue of BioScience Now Available

The July 2022 issue of BioScience is now available on the Oxford University Press website.

Some articles you will see in this month’s issue:

  • What’s the Rush?
  • Tragedy of the Commons: How Subtle, “Legal” Decisions Are Threatening One of the Largest Wetlands in the World
  • Synthetic Biology and Endangered Species: Should scientists genetically rewire nature to save species and habitats?
  • Reconstructing Hominin Diets with Stable Isotope Analysis of Amino Acids: New Perspectives and Future Directions
  • Citizen Science as an Ecosystem of Engagement: Implications for Learning and Broadening Participation
  • Appealing to Faculty Gatekeepers: Motivational Processes for Intentions to Adopt an Evidence-B ased Intervention
  • Reversing the Lens on Public Engagement with Science: Positive Benefits for Participating Scientists