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Bullet bioscience · Mar 15, 2024

Special Issue of BioScience on One Health: Spanning Earth’s Human, Wildlife, and Ecosystem Health Challenges

Global communities and ecosystems face significant challenges that are complex and multidimensional, with adverse effects on living organisms and global ecosystems. The One Health concept initially focused on transmission of disease from wildlife to humans. More recently, One Health describes a broader perspective encompassing human, wildlife, and ecosystem interrelationships, and the factors that drive outcomes. The One Health Framework can provide a structure approach to develop interventions and actions. Planetary Health, Ecohealth, and Global Health perspectives provide important insights into areas of overlap, methodologies, restoration, and knowledge base. Interventions to reverse the demise of global ecosystems utilize restoration ecology, community education, ecotoxicology, and multiple disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, economics, conservation, biodiversity, and health.

BioScience is planning to publish a special issue on One Health and invites articles addressing human, wildlife, domestic animal, and ecosystem health. Topics pertinent to One Health are extremely broad, including, for example, disease transmission, wildlife and human health, anthropogenic effects, One Environmental Health, societal drivers, ecosystem restoration, ecotoxicology, and other subject areas mentioned above. As such, this special issue is intended to encompass multiple aspects and perspectives on the very broad topic of One Heath.

Submission will target late fall 2024, with a 1 December submission deadline and publication by mid-2025. We are seeking to have a broad coverage of topics that will both be familiar to the readership of BioScience and will also reach across to the Bio-Med community. 

 We envision that most submissions will fall within Overview and Forum categories, which are peer-reviewed syntheses that advance the science. However, authors may want to consider other BioScience submission categories, including our Viewpoint category, which are opinion pieces of 1400 words. For a full description of the BioScience submission categories with guidelines, please see Prior to submission, please send an email including a working title, author list, and brief description of your proposed submission.

Please contact Professor and Special Editorial Board Member Mary Ann Ottinger for further information:


Mary Ann Ottinger

Charles Fenster

Pim Martens

Katey Pelican

Paige Warren