In the Washington Watch article in the June issue of BioScience, Barton Reppert reports on the development of a new strategic plan for the National Science Foundation.

Following is a brief excerpt from the article:

The National Science Foundation is developing its latest strategic plan, which offers veteran NSF-watchers a window into basic priorities and senior-level policymaking at the agency, and also provides an opportunity for input by the scientific community on the foundation's policies and programs.

Like other federal departments and agencies, NSF is required under provisions of the Government Performance and Results Act to develop a new strategic plan every three years. For this latest effort, the process started last December with a "Dear Colleague" letter, from NSF director Arden L. Bement Jr. and deputy director Kathie L. Olsen, soliciting input from the scientific community. After going through several drafts and receiving additional community comment, the new plan is expected to be voted on by the National Science Board in August before going to Congress and the Office of Management and Budget by the end of September.

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