The Senate Appropriations Committee approved a fiscal year (FY) 2007 United States Geological Survey (USGS) budget of $980 million during a "markup" of H.R. 5386, the Interior Appropriations bill, on 28 June 2006. This mark is $35 million above the president's request, but $7.5 million below the House number and $1 million below the FY 2006 USGS budget (after funding from an emergency supplemental appropriation is included). In language accompanying the Committee's report on the measure, the Committee stipulated that USGS biological research receive $176 million, nearly $4 million more than the budget request. Under the bill, the National Biological Information Infrastructure account would receive an additional $2 million, while NatureServe would be cut by $1 million.

The legislation must now be approved by the full Senate. With the August recess and November mid-term elections quickly approaching it is increasingly likely that the full Senate will not take up the Interior spending bill until late this year.


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