At a news conference on 17 January 2007, a group of prominent scientists and evangelical Christian leaders announced a newly formed coalition to combat global climate change and biodiversity loss. The group, organized by the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School and the National Association of Evangelicals, met for a retreat in December 2006. The group released an urgent call to action for a "fundamental change in values, lifestyles, and public policies required to address these worsening problems before it is too late."

The coalition of pastors and scientists, including Drs. Rita Colwell (AIBS president-elect), James Hansen, Peter Raven, and E.O. Wilson, sent letters to President George Bush and congressional leaders informing them of the new environmental initiative and organized meetings with members of Congress, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Representatives John Dingell (D-MI) and Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R-FL), and Senators Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Richard Lugar (R-IN), and Barack Obama (D-IL). Additionally, the group is organizing a large public meeting to occur later this year.

The group acknowledged that although they may seem like an odd pairing due to fundamental disagreements about the origins of life, they are united by a shared concern for the protection of the environment. According to Dr. Eric Chivian, Nobel laureate and co-organizer of the coalition, "There is no such thing as a Republican or Democrat, a liberal or a conservative, a religious or secular environment. We all breathe the same air and drink the same water. Scientists and evangelicals share a deep moral commitment to preserve this precious gift we have all been given."


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