AIBS is working with National Academy of Sciences staff, the Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science (COPUS), and the National Science Teachers Association to make the year 2009 a focal point for a nationwide effort to engage the American public in activities that will stimulate their interest in and appreciation of the processes and nature of science. A growing number of other national science and education groups are starting to join from across the disciplinary spectrum. To participate, please go to the planning website at and send in your organization's information. Year of Science 2009 activities will include:

  • Participating organizations sharing information and collaborating as they develop programs for 2009, such as making the public understanding of science the theme of their 2009 annual meetings, free public lectures and hands-on experiences in science, K-12 classroom activities, roundtable discussions, editorials, radio spots, online resources, dedicated programs at museums and science centers, or starting a local Café Scientifique.

  • Creation of a Year of Science 2009 website by the project's organizers to coordinate the listing of 2009 activities for use by participating organizations as well as by teachers, media, potential funders, and the general public. The website will include suggested activities and templates, a searchable database of events, an interactive map of events, a blog, a press room, and links to content in the Understanding Science website that is being developed at the University of California, Berkeley by members of the COPUS project for launch later in 2007.

Participating organizations will have access to the brands, logos, media coverage, other publicity materials and databases that are developed for this project; they will receive regular updates on what organizations will be doing for this year-long celebration and will receive assistance in planning events to conform to the overall themes and branding that will be used throughout 2009; and they will have the opportunity to expand their collaborations before and after 2009 as part of the Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science (COPUS).

Contacts: American Institute of Biological Sciences: Kent Holsinger and Richard O'Grady / National Academy of Sciences: Jay Labov and Barbara Kline Pope / Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science: Lee Allison and Judy Scotchmoor / National Science Teachers Association: Gerry Wheeler. Email:


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