The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) will make seed money awards for development of data content once in 2007-2008. Advice and input is sought concerning priorities for these awards. Please see for details.

GBIF is seeking input from taxonomists, curators, observational data providers, data user groups and other interested parties to facilitate the development of a unified and comprehensive plan for prioritizing the GBIF digitization (DIGIT) and electronic names cataloguing (ECAT) efforts. GBIF welcomes your insights about which taxonomic groups, thematic groups or regional floras/faunas should be priorities for the seed money awards made as part of the 2007 - 2008 GBIF Work Program.

To solicit this input, simultaneous discussions of priorities for DIGIT and for ECAT will be carried out via e-conferences from 10 April through 24 April 2007. These e-conferences will address priority-setting for the GBIF seed money awards that are part of GBIF's Content Theme, which includes both the DIGIT and ECAT work programs.

The goal is to select priorities that will result in quality data sets that are rich enough and have enough geographic coverage to demonstrate to the scientific community, to politicians and to funding agencies the value of global efforts to digitize primary species occurrence data and to develop comprehensive taxonomic authority files.


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