The Budget Deficit Act, signed into law last year by President Bush, created the American Competitiveness Council (ACC). The Council was tasked to appraise all federal programs with a focus on math and science education and report its findings to Congress. The Council found there are 105 STEM education programs that totaled over $3 billion in funding in fiscal year 2006 including 18 percent to K-12 programs, 77 percent to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs, and 4 percent to informal education and outreach programs. Among the STEM education programs, 45 were dedicated to recruiting and retaining teachers with majors and minors in STEM as well as increasing the knowledge of current STEM education teachers.

According to Education Secretary Spellings, “Currently there are more than 100 programs that focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education spread across 13 agencies, yet little is known about the impact of these programs on student performance.”

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