AIBS is pleased to be a sponsor of COPUS, the Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science. The Coalition is a grassroots effort linking universities, scientific societies, science centers and museums, advocacy groups, media, educators, businesses, and industry in a peer network having as its goal a greater public understanding of the nature of science and its value to society.

To accomplish this goal, COPUS is focusing on the following three strategies:

  • COPUS Network: An ongoing communication and collaboration network for sharing information and best practices about the public understanding of science (
  • Year of Science 2009: 12 months of activities and celebrations of science registered in the COPUS Web site’s publicly searchable database of events and programs (
  • Understanding Science Web site: A new content-rich Web site being developed at the University of California Museum of Paleontology (set to launch later in 2007) for science educators and the general public to clarify what science is, how it works, and misconceptions about science

On 5 August 2007, COPUS and the American Institute of Biological Sciences sponsored “Communicating Science to the Public: The Where, Why and How of Engaging Non-Scientists,” a special full-day workshop at this year’s joint meeting of the Ecological Society of America and the Society for Ecological Restoration in San Jose, CA. Robert Gropp, AIBS Director of Public Policy, gave a presentation entitled “Nurturing the Public Understanding of the Nature of Science.” He highlighted the important role that the nation-wide COPUS network plays in promoting local science organizations and programs that, in turn, so greatly contribute to improving the public understanding of science.

Learn how and why you too should join the growing coalition, now 79 members strong -


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