Former Speaker of the House, Representative Dennis Hastert (R-IL) announced Friday (17 August) that he does not intend to seek reelection at the end of the 110th Congress. Rep. Hastert, now the ranking Republican member on the House Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality, is determined to leave an indelible mark on Congress by working with Democrats to draft legislation that would create a mandatory cap and trade program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Since the start of the 110th Congress, Hastert has been examining the climate change issue, attending hearings, and recently traveled to Asia to investigate alternative energy sources, talk about climate change, and to foster an improved China-US relation, particularly on energy and trade cooperation. He was quoted in March at a climate change hearing stating: “We should heed the advice of our top scientists. We need to keep asking: ‘Are we focused on the right science questions? Are we focused on the right policy issues?’” The Subcommittee has held numerous hearings related to climate change, carbon capture and sequestration, cap and trade programs, and alternative fuels.


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