Once again this year, it appears likely that the new fiscal year will start with a Continuing Resolution. As the current fiscal year (FY 2007) ends on 30 September, none of the FY 2008 appropriations legislation has been signed into law.

Currently, the House has passed all twelve of its appropriations measures. The Senate has approved its version of spending bills for Homeland Security, Military and Veterans, State and Foreign Operations, and Transportation and Housing and Urban Development.

President Bush has threatened to veto several of the Congressional spending plans, including the recently passed Departments of Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act (S. 1789). The Administration asserts that the legislation “exceeds the President’s request for programs funded in this bill by $3.1 billion, part of the $22 billion increase above the President’s request for FY 2008 appropriations.”


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