Voting in the 2007 AIBS Board of Directors election is now underway. At the end of 2007, the following positions become vacant on the 13-person AIBS Board of Directors for individual members of AIBS to vote on: (1) President-Elect; (2) Secretary; and (3) two Board members elected by the AIBS membership-at-large (Board elections from the AIBS Council of Member Societies and Organizations are about to get underway via separate ballot). The online ballot, including candidate statements, is available online at Polls close on 26 October 2007.

Candidates For President-Elect:

May Berenbaum (University of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign) Deborah E. Goldberg (University of Michigan)

Candidates For Secretary:

John R. Jungck (Beloit College) Gordon E. Uno (University of Oklahoma)

Candidates for Board Member Elected by the Membership-at-Large:

Carol Brewer (University of Montana) Louis J. Gross (University of Tennessee) Paula Mabee (University of South Dakota)

Candidates for Board Member elected by the Council of AIBS Member Societies and Organizations:

Charles Berry (South Dakota State University - American Fisheries Society) Ellen J. Censky (University of Oklahoma - Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History) Laurence J. Dorr (Smithsonian Institution - American Society of Plant Taxonomists) David Goetze (Utah State University - Association for Politics and the Life Sciences)


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