The U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) has released its latest assessment, “The Nation’s Report Card: Reading 2007 and The Nation’s Report Card: Mathematics 2007,” of student performance in reading and mathematics. The reports present national and state-level performance of fourth- and eighth-graders.

Some findings excerpted from the reports include the following:

2007 Mathematics—

“—Fourth- and eighth-graders scored higher than in all previous assessment years. —White, Black, and Hispanic students at both grades demonstrated a better understanding of mathematics compared to all previous assessment years. —The White-Black score gap narrowed at grade four when compared to 1990 and at grade 8 when compared to 2005. —Fifteen states (14 states and DC) improved at both grades, with fourth-graders in an additional eight states, and eighth-graders in 11 states scoring higher.”

2007 Reading—

“—Fourth-graders scored higher than in all previous assessment years. —Eighth-graders scored higher than in 2005 and 1992. —At both grades, White, Black, and Hispanic students all scored higher than in 1992. However, only the White-Black gap at fourth-grade was smaller compared to 2005 and 1992. —Four states had higher scores at both grades, with 14 additional states (13 states and DODEA) improving in just fourth grade and two states scoring higher in just eighth grade. Two states had lower scores at grade 8 than in 2005.”

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