Each election cycle, various pundits speculate about the extent to which the “youth vote” will impact or shape an election. Although this discussion often receives considerable attention and various efforts have been launched in the past couple of decades to increase the percentage of young voters casting ballots, seemingly few elections are impacted significantly by the young adult vote. Following elections, various groups contend this is a result of the candidates failing to address the issues of concern to the young voter.

This year, Student Pugwash USA, a student organization promoting social responsibility in science and technology, is using the social networking site Facebook to survey young adult voters (ages 18-25) about science policy issues that matter to them for the 2008 elections. The survey asks general questions regarding the relevance of science and technology policy issues on voting choices; specific questions on peace and security, energy and environment, and health to gauge young people’s opinions and levels of understanding; and inquire about demographic data and prior voting history to get a better snapshot of the respondent pool.

Young adults age 18-25 can take part in the survey by going to http://www.spusa.org/2008_elections/index.html.


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