As part of the Society for Wetland Scientists recent annual meeting in Washington, DC, the AIBS Public Policy Office conducted two workshops for SWS meeting participants. SWS is an AIBS member society and Participant-level contributor to the AIBS Public Policy Office.

Ms. Megan Kelhart, AIBS senior public policy associate, conducted a 1-1/2 hour workshop entitled Congress 101. The session provided participants with a nuts and bolts understanding of congressional structure and function relative to science policy, including environmental policy and funding for research. Additionally, participants engaged in hands-on activities designed to provide scientists with the basic tools necessary to successfully meet with a member of Congress.

Dr. Holly Menninger, AIBS senior public affairs associate, conducted “Communicating Science to the Media” workshop. The program, which builds on the popular AIBS publication, “Communicating Science: A Primer for Working with the Media,” enabled participants to better understand how to prepare for interviews with news reporters.

AIBS Public Policy Office staff welcome the opportunity to provide similar workshops for other member societies or interested organizations. Please contact AIBS director of public policy, Dr. Robert Gropp, at 202-628-1500 x 250 for more information. "Communicating Science: A Primer for Working with the Media" is available now in the AIBS Webstore.


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