The House of Representatives Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming was established in 2007 by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in response to the threat of global warming. The work of this committee is of interest to the science community because their hearings and policy recommendations include subjects such as climate change, green economies, endangered species, and biodiversity. On 10 February 2009 three new members were named to the committee for the 111th Congress. These new members include Representative John Salazar (D-CO), Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA), and representative Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV). Currently Representatives Ed Markey (D-MA) James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) are chairman and ranking minority member of the committee, respectively.

In a bi-partisan effort to create jobs, save consumers money, and support the energy sector, Chairman Markey joined with Todd Platts (R-PA) to introduce the American Renewable Energy Act in the House. This legislation would set a renewable electricity standard, in order to ensure that America is generating a quarter of its electricity from clean energy sources by 2025. Markey also introduced the Save American Energy Act, which introduces an energy efficiency standard that reduces electricity demand by fifteen percent by 2020. Backers of the proposals argue that the two measures would create more than a half million jobs and save consumers more than $180 billion, and would help the United States reach President Obama’s stated goal of reducing electricity use by 15 percent by 2020.


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