Scientists and educators from across the country are participating in the first Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits Week from 17 to 21 August 2009. Participating scientists, students, and science educators are meeting with their members of Congress while the members are back in their districts for the August recess. Event participants are using the opportunity to share with their elected officials the importance of sustained federal investments in biological sciences research and research infrastructure, such as field stations and natural science collections.

Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits Week is sponsored by the American Institute of Biological Sciences, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Natural Science Collections Alliance, Sevilleta Field Station, and the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry-North America.

Individuals unable to participate in this event may instead visit the AIBS Legislative Action Center at to send a letter to members of Congress that demonstrates the value of federal investments in biological research.

In coordination with this national event, the AIBS Public Policy Office has prepared new fact sheets which scientists can download and use to help educate decision-makers about the importance of scientific research. These documents, a fact sheet on the FY 2010 appropriations and a fact sheet on "place-based research" are available at and, respectively. Other fact sheets and materials are available at


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