A growing number of scientists and scientific organizations have joined the campaign to ask President Obama to sign a Presidential Executive Order for the preservation and use of scientific collections. The effort, launched in June by AIBS member organization the Natural Science Collections Alliance (NSC Alliance), seeks to have the President formally establish via an Executive Order an interagency committee to improve planning and policy development for the nation’s scientific collections, including non-federal collections held at universities, state and local agencies, and free-standing natural history museums.

Various organizations, ranging from taxonomic societies to geological and ecological science societies, have endorsed the proposed Presidential Order. Additionally, leading natural history museums and scientists have begun to lend their names to the campaign.

For more information about the proposed Order and to see a list of some of the organizations that have already endorsed the plan, please visit http://nscalliance.org/?p=144. To send a letter to President Obama, individuals can visit http://capwiz.com/aibs/issues/alert/?alertid=13948726.


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