• Spending by private industry on research and development (R&D) is booming in the developing world. In 2008, corporate R&D spending increased by 40 percent in China and 27 percent in India. Funding in Europe and the U.S. also grew last year, although at much smaller rates (8.1 and 5.7 percent, respectively).

  • In a poll recently conducted by Research!America regarding the economy and health reform, 92% of Americans believe that medical research will decrease overall health care costs while improving quality. Some feel America cannot afford to invest in science currently, but 93% think the U.S should lead in scientific discoveries, with 56% saying the U.S should spend more money to be globally competitive and 68% even willing to pay increased taxes to fund research.

  • A coalition of university organizations has launched a new website called scienceworksforus.org. This site is intended to tout the impact of stimulus-funded university research activities across the country. It is designed to allow visitors a state-by-state and agency-by-agency summary of the dollar amounts and numbers of funded grants, as well as a summary of outcomes, where applicable.

  • Officials representing the United States, Canada, and Mexico have signed the first continent-wide agreement on protecting wilderness. Signed on 7 November 2009, the memorandum of understanding will facilitate collaboration among federal land managers in the three countries to protect and restore wilderness areas in North America.


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