The American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) and the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership that will help advance the science and education policy interests of the biological sciences community. Through the arrangement, NABT members will be able to access and utilize a suite of AIBS public policy services and resources.

NABT is a nonprofit professional society dedicated to empowering educators to provide the best possible biology and life science education for all students. AIBS is a nonprofit scientific association dedicated to advancing biological research and education for the welfare of society.

“AIBS and NABT have a long history of working together to help teachers bring the excitement of modern biology to students and make sure that their education keeps pace with the rapid growth of biological knowledge,” said AIBS president Dr. Joseph Travis. “We are excited to expand this partnership; AIBS will now help NABT members stay informed about developments in science and education policy in Washington. Our biology teachers are vital for our nation; they lay the groundwork for students who pursue 21st Century careers in medicine, science, and biotechnology and help all students understand the living world.” Travis said.

The partnership will help AIBS and NABT leverage resources to ensure that decision-makers understand the needs and challenges facing biology teachers. Through the arrangement, NABT members will be able to access and utilize the AIBS Legislative Action Center, participate in the Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits event, and participate in AIBS webinars and workshops that provide scientists and educators with resources that help them effectively communicate with decision-makers and reporters. Additionally, AIBS will provide NABT with timely news reports on science education policy developments.

“Since 1938, NABT has been advocating for biology teachers. Today, more than ever, biology and science education are on the front lines of reform. Our partnership with AIBS furnishes an extensive membership service replete with credible information, resources, and a more expansive voice for biology and the life sciences, most especially in a greater formal interaction with policy makers. It makes sense to utilize our partnership with AIBS to provide an additional toolkit of available and accessible opportunities,” said NABT president Ms. Marion “Bunny” Jaskot.


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