On 13 December 2010, AIBS sent a letter (http://www.aibs.org/public-policy/news/aibsexpressesconcernstofccregardingnet_neutrality.html#029862) to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding its proposed Open Internet initiative. The proposal, which is FCC is expected to vote on this month, is intended to prevent Internet service providers from discriminating against online content provided by competing companies. Some experts, however, fear that the proposal does not provide sufficient protections for Internet users, application developers, and content providers.

The comments submitted by AIBS recommend that the FCC clarify the non-discrimination rule, include a clear ban on access charges for application and content providers, and provide the same protections for wireless Internet service as for wired Internet service. The Botanical Society of America (BSA), an AIBS member society, also commented on the proposal. The BSA letter may be viewed at http://www.botany.org/Public_Policy/FCC-BSA-101209.pdf.


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