Prior to recessing on 21 March 2011 for a District Work Period, Congress passed another stopgap spending bill — a Continuing Resolution that funds the government through 8 April 2011. Although negotiations continued during the Congress Recess, some recent reports suggest that a compromise has yet to be reached. House Republicans appear to be split on how much to cut spending. Many freshman House Republicans are pressing for extensive cuts to domestic spending, including a repeal of the health care bill, and restrictions on federal funding to Planned Parenthood. Meanwhile, Senate Democrats continue to argue that the budget cuts advocated by the House Republican caucus are too extreme. At the same time, the White House has largely been silent on the matter.

There is growing concern about the inability of government agencies to operate under a string of short-term Continuing Resolutions. The short-term budget process makes agencies’ work “extremely difficult,” said Representative James Moran (D-VA). “If I were a program manager, I don’t know how I would cope with the situation.”


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