• The National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) has received a green light to initiate construction, after a decade of planning. The National Science Foundation recently announced that it will fund NEON at $18 million in fiscal year 2011. This will allow NEON to start construction at the first of its sites in Colorado and New England. NEON ultimately plans to build 62 sites across the U.S. that will gather and synthesize continental-scale data on the impacts of climate change, land use change, and invasive species on natural resources and biodiversity.

  • House appropriators would like to stop U.S. involvement in international climate mitigation and adaptation activities. A bill approved by the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs would bar the State Department from using fiscal year 2012 funds to engage with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or the U.N. Framework on Climate Change.

  • Scientists and public health officials report that the Department of Defense plays a critical role in global health research and development. Research!America sponsored a recent briefing on this topic in Washington, DC. Learn more at http://www.researchamerica.org/app/webroot/blog/?p=3373.


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