Citizen scientists from across the United States have submitted more than 900,000 observations of plants and animals at 5,000 sites as part of the Nature’s Notebook program. The program records the timing of natural events, such as tree blossoms, construction of bird nests, salmon migration, and leaves changing color in the fall.

The data collected by citizen scientists are used by researchers to understand how plants and wildlife are responding to climate change. The outcomes of this research are being used or will be used in the future to forecast the onset of allergy season or chance of wildfires, manage wildlife and invasive plants, and set baselines for habitat restoration.

The program is part of the USA National Phenology Network, a partnership of federal, state, and local agencies, universities, schools, non-governmental organizations, and others. The network is funded by the United States Geological Survey, National Park Service, University of Arizona, and the National Science Foundation. Learn more about the program at


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