Legislation sailed through both chambers of Congress last week that would require the Executive Branch to produce a detailed analysis of how $1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts, or budget sequestration, would be implemented over the next decade.

H.R. 5872 was approved unanimously by the Senate and with the bi-partisan support of 414 Representatives; two House members opposed the bill.

Under current law, the sequester will start in January 2013 unless Congress takes action to avert it. The cuts were agreed to last August as part of the bipartisan deal to raise the debt limit.

President Obama is likely to sign the legislation, according to White House spokesman Jay Carney. The White House has so far resisted releasing details on the cuts, and has instead pushed for Congress to come up with a deal on tax and spending issues to avert them. “Let me be clear, there is no amount of planning or reporting that will turn the sequester into anything other than the devastating cut in defense and domestic investments that it was meant to be,” Carney said.


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