• Several thousand genetically altered rodents used in biomedical research died as a result of flooding in New York during Hurricane Sandy. The rats and mice were bred for study of heart disease, cancer, and mental disorders. Most of the other research animals at the New York University Neuroscience Institute were not harmed during the super storm, but staff was not able to rescue the rodents in time. "These animals were the culmination of 10 years of work, and it will take time to replace them," said Gordon Fishell, associate director of the institute.

  • A judge has tentatively ruled that former NASA employee David Coppedge was not fired because of his belief in intelligent design. Coppedge, a computer specialist, contended that NASA terminated his employment because he advocated his beliefs while at work. The Superior Court judge handling the case has indicated that he supports NASA's defense that the termination was due to other factors.


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