Stressing the importance of clean energy and climate change, President Barack Obama nominated MIT physicist Ernest Moniz to head the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Assistant Administrator Gina McCarthy to become EPA Administrator. Obama believes that Moniz and McCarthy will build on “the work that we’ve done to control our own energy future, while reducing pollution that contributes to climate change.”

Moniz, a former Energy undersecretary during the Clinton administration and adviser to Obama on various energy policy issues, “already knows his way around the Department of Energy,” according to the President. “Most importantly, Ernie knows that we can produce more energy and grow our economy, while still taking care of our air, our water and our climate.”

Although Moniz’s nomination has received bipartisan support, the nominee has drawn criticism from some environmental groups for his “all of the above” energy policy and support for nuclear energy and natural gas.

McCarthy, who currently heads the EPA Office of Air and Radiation, has a reputation for communicating well with industries and stakeholders, but her nomination may face resistance from Senators concerned with the EPA’s climate policy. McCarthy has previously overseen regulations on fuel economy standards, sulfur in gasoline, and greenhouse gas emissions for power plants.

Both nominations still need to be confirmed by the Senate.


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