United States Representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR) has written a letter to House appropriators urging support for the Department of the Interior Climate Science Centers. The letter requests that the centers be funded with at least $25.5 million in fiscal year 2014, the same level of funding as in 2013. Representative DeFazio is asking other members of the House of Representatives to join him in signing this letter.

The eight Climate Science Centers conduct research that is used to make management decisions in response to climate change. The centers provide scientific information and tools that policymakers, resource managers, and other parties use to anticipate, monitor, and adapt to the adverse impacts that climate change has on our natural and cultural resources at the regional and local levels.

Interior’s Climate Science Centers benefit all regions of the United States. There is one federally funded Climate Science Center supported by universities and partners in each region of the country: the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest, the North Central U.S., the South Central U.S., the Northeast, the Southeast, Alaska, and Hawaii. Eight regional centers mean that each geographic area of the country benefits from research focused on that region’s unique climate change issues.

Send a letter to your Representative today in support of climate science at http://capwiz.com/aibs/issues/alert/?alertid=62568231.


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