The National Science Foundation (NSF) is circulating a ‘dear colleague’ letter to prompt research proposals that address basic research questions and simultaneously advance activities related to research and education in forensic sciences.

NSF is interested in receiving proposals that encourage collaboration between forensic scientists and fundamental science researchers. Potential topics of collaboration include:

  • The effect of cognitive bias on judgment and decision making within a forensic setting.
  • Acquisition of shared-use major instrumentation for researchers engaged in fundamental studies, including forensics-relevant research.
  • New approaches to acquiring, storing, accessing, and interpreting large data sets, including biological data.
  • Pathways linking genotype to phenotype.
  • Development of methods to determine provenance of forensic samples, including applications of geospatial analysis or measurement.
  • Design, implementation, and evaluation of the vertical integration of a forensic science conceptual approach throughout the sequence of courses within a traditional STEM discipline.

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