Ecosystem science plays an important role in the productivity of agricultural systems and the nation’s food security. A distinguished panel of scientists will present their research findings to policymakers on 24 October 2013. The briefing, to be held on Capitol Hill, is hosted by the Association of Ecosystem Research Centers (AERC), as part of their annual meeting in Washington, DC.

Dr. Jay Arnone, AERC president and research professor at the Desert Research Institute, will moderate the one-hour science briefing. The presenters are Dr. William Easterling, professor and dean at Penn State University, Dr. Elena Bennett, associate professor at McGill University, and Dr. Dorceta Taylor, professor at the University of Michigan. Their presentations will be posted on the AERC website:

AERC is a member of the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS). This year, as part of the AERC meetings in Washington, DC, AIBS will conduct a four-hour workshop for AERC participants on communicating ecosystem science to decision-makers and the media.

Some AERC members will also meet with congressional staff to discuss their research and the importance of sustained federal investments in ecosystem science.

As a member organization of AIBS and a contributor to the AIBS Public Policy Office, AERC received planning and logistical assistance for the congressional briefing from AIBS. For more information about the AIBS Public Policy Office and its services for AIBS members and contributing societies, please visit


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