The U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the U.K.’s Royal Society released a publication in late February that makes clear that humans are causing climate change. The report attempts to dispel myths about climate science while setting the record straight on where scientific uncertainty still exists.

“As two of the world’s leading scientific bodies, we feel a responsibility to evaluate and explain what is known about climate change, at least the physical side of it, to concerned citizens, educators, decision makers and leaders, and to advance public dialogue about how to respond to the threats of climate change,” said National Academy of Sciences President Ralph J. Cicerone.

“Our aim with this new resource is to provide people with easy access to the latest scientific evidence on climate change, including where scientists agree and where uncertainty still remains,” said Sir Paul Nurse, president of the Royal Society. “We have enough evidence to warrant action being taken on climate change; it is now time for the public debate to move forward to discuss what we can do to limit the impact on our lives and those of future generations.”

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