The Department of Energy Office of Science is slated to receive a 0.9 percent increase (+$44.8 million) in the President’s budget request. Funding for Biological and Environmental Research would grow at a rate of 3 percent to $628.0 million.

The Biological and Environmental Research program supports fundamental research and scientific user facilities to inform our understanding of complex biological, climatic, and environmental systems as they relate to energy.

Biological systems science would receive $299.9 million, a cut of $11.9 million. Most of this reduction would come from research on the radiological sciences. Funding for the metabolic synthesis and conversion program would decline by $3.2 million. Most other programs would be flat funded, including foundational genomics research, computational biosciences, bioenergy research centers, and structural biology infrastructure.

The Climate and Environmental Sciences program would benefit from an increase of $30.2 million, for a total of $328.1 million. The largest increase would be directed to climate model development and validation (+$29.0 million), which would incorporate finer resolution (less than 10 km) scale physics into climate models. The terrestrial ecosystem science program, which supports research on Arctic and tropical ecosystems, would lose nearly a million dollars (-2.1 percent). Subsurface biogeochemical research would increase by 5.9 percent.

The President’s budget request would provide $2.5 million for graduate research fellowships. This level would support an additional 30 awards. The computational sciences graduate fellowship would be eliminated (-$8.7 million).


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