On 31 March 2014, the American Institute of Biological Sciences requested that the House Appropriations Committee provide $7.5 billion for the National Science Foundation (NSF) in fiscal year 2015.

“The budget request for FY 2015 will flat line investments in foundational research at a time when other nations are accelerating their commitments to science,” states the testimony. The President’s budget request would cut $1.5 million from the Research and Related Activities account, which funds the various research directorates, including Biological Sciences. Coupled with an anticipated 1.7 percent increase in inflation, NSF research funding would significantly decline next year.

“The scientific community recognizes that current fiscal conditions have necessarily constrained federal funding, but NSF is a sound investment that pays dividends.”

Read the testimony at http://www.aibs.org/position-statements/20140331nsffy2015_house.html.


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