The budget for the United States Geological Survey (USGS) would increase by 4.0 percent in FY 2015, if the President’s budget request were enacted by Congress. The $1.1 billion proposed funding level is $41.3 million higher than the current level.

The Ecosystems activity within USGS would receive an increase of 6.0 percent to $162.0 million. The new funding would be distributed across all six programmatic areas: Status and Trends (+2.2 percent); Fisheries (+6.6 percent); Wildlife (+0.8 percent); Environments (+3.6 percent); Invasive Species (+34.9 percent); and the Cooperative Research Units (+6.8 percent). Asian carp eradication and control would continue to be a priority. Additionally, a $2.0 million increase would support efforts to integrate ecosystem services frameworks into decision-making.

The proposed budget for the USGS includes an increase of $17.1 million above the FY 2014 enacted level for climate and land use change science. The Climate Science Centers would receive new funds for grants to support applied science on resource management and biological carbon sequestration. An increase of $2.3 million is proposed to support coordination with other federal agencies and to make scientific results and products available online. Three million would be spent on research on drought impacts and adaptive management.

The Water Resources activity would be funded at $210.4 million (+$3.1 million). Increased funding would be directed to groundwater monitoring and the streamgage network.


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