• The Network Integrated Biocollections Alliance project has launched its website, www.niballiance.org. The site is a forum for interested individuals to learn about and participate in community building activities that will help to cultivate a sustainable, networked, national community of practice to advance the interests of the biodiversity collections community.

  • A new competition is seeking an inexpensive, easy-to-use sensor to measure water pollution due to nitrogen and phosphorus. The winner of the Nutrient Sensor Challenge will create a technology that can measure nutrient levels unattended for three months and cost no more than $5,000. Learn more at http://www.act-us.info/nutrients-challenge.

  • The Gulf Research Program is currently accepting applications for 2015 exploratory research grants and research and science policy fellowships. More information will be presented about the fellowships during a webinar on 8 January 2015. Learn more at http://www.nas.edu/gulf/index.html.


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