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Promoting 21st Century Biology

Addressing the challenges facing society will require insights from the biological sciences. Producing adequate food for a growing population in changing environments, sustaining ecosystem function and biodiversity, expanding sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, and improving individual health are issues that benefit from biological research.

Biology in the 21st century requires interdisciplinary work. Integrating knowledge from sub-disciplines within biology and amongst biology and the various natural, social, and physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering presents exciting opportunities for discovery.

The National Research Council highlighted the need for a new direction in biological research in its report "A New Biology for the 21st Century: Ensuring the United States Leads the Coming Biology Revolution." The report calls for an interdisciplinary "New Biology" approach to solving broad societal problems in the coming century.

AIBS is working to promote a policy environment that supports 21st century biology. Our recent activities include:

  • Organizing the annual Biological and Ecological Sciences Coalition Congressional Visits Day. This event facilitates the interaction of biologists with congressional policymakers to discuss the value of biology to the nation.
  • Leading the Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits event, an annual event that helps scientists showcase their research and education activities to lawmakers.
  • Advocacy for federal budget and appropriations that serve the nation by supporting science.
  • AIBS comments on President Obama's Grand Challenges of the 21st Century
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