Video of Congressional Meeting

Watch this short video of a meeting between scientists and congressional staff. Although this is just an example, it will give you an idea of the format of such meetings.

Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits

Participant handbook

Talking points for 2019 Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits

Talking points on Collections for 2019 Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits

Tips for a Successful Tour of a Research Facility

Fact Sheets on the Importance of Biological Research

AIBS fact sheet on the value of federal investments in biological sciences

AIBS fact sheet on place-based research

Fact sheets from the Natural Science Collections Alliance on the value of natural history collections

Information on Research in the States

NSF general and state fact sheets.

CNSF state fact sheets on the impacts of NSF research and education activities.

SEE Innovation on about NSF research and education investments in your state

NSF funding by state

NIH funding by state

National Science Board's Science and Engineering Indicators 2020

Federal Research Funding

"Biological Innovations: Benefits of Federal Investments in Biology" a report by AIBS

AIBS Report on the President's FY 2021 Budget Request

Overview of the federal funding process

Data Show that Federal Investment in Research Pays Dividends (BioScience, July 2012)

Other Resources

Transforming the World Through Science 2nd Edition--An overview of NSF's investments.

Transforming the World Through Science--An overview of NSF's investments.

Data by Design: Snapshot of NSF's Programs, Processes, Funding & Impact

Sparking Economic Growth: How Federally Funded University Research Creates Innovation, New Companies, and Jobs

AIBS Public Policy Report--Subscribe to this complimentary bi-weekly e-publication to stay informed of the latest science policy news and analysis

AIBS Legislative Action Center--A one-stop-shop for communicating with policymakers

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