March 4, 2019


The AIBS Public Policy Office has released its annual report for 2018. Read about our achievements in science policy.

Highlights include:

  • Helped 165 scientists become more effective advocates for science after they completed an AIBS Communications Training Boot Camp or Science Policy Training course.
  • Increased awareness of the needs of the biological sciences community by facilitating 102 meetings between scientists and lawmakers.
  • Successfully opposed Administration-proposed cuts to research funding.
  • Helped secure Arizona State Board of Education rejection of proposed science standards removing climate change science and important aspects of evolution science from the high school curricula.
  • Informed Department of State negotiating position on genetic sequence sharing under the Nagoya Protocol.
  • Provided comments to Environmental Protection Agency urging that the agency reconsider a proposed rule change that would have limited the use of scientific studies in the regulatory rulemaking process.

Read the 2018 Public Policy Office Annual Report:

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