September 5, 2017


The American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) is delighted to announce that it has received a $10,000 gift from one of its individual members. The donor, who has asked to remain anonymous, designated the donation for the AIBS Emerging Public Policy Leadership Award program.

"This generous gift enables AIBS to continue to recognize graduate students who demonstrate outstanding leadership skills and an aptitude for future success at the intersection of science and public policy," said AIBS President Dr. Joseph Travis. "I can't adequately express our gratitude to our donor, who has long contributed energy, leadership, and resources to our community."

"AIBS is committed to promoting informed decision-making, and this gift will help us ensure that a new generation of biologists are prepared to contribute to public discussions about science and its applications for humanity," said AIBS Co-Executive Director Dr. Robert Gropp.

AIBS launched the Emerging Public Policy Leadership Award program 14 years ago. At that time, there were few opportunities for biology graduate students to explore their interest in science policy. Since the Emerging Public Policy Leadership Award was launched, several other scientific societies have initiated similar programs.

Past Emerging Public Policy Leadership Award recipients have gone on to work for members of Congress, federal agencies, non-profit organizations, and to hold faculty positions.

The program has recognized 27 individuals to date. An additional 25 individuals have received an honorable mention award.

AIBS would like to raise funds to sustain and expand the Emerging Public Policy Leadership Award program. "We have now secured more than $15,000, but would love to have $75,000 so that we can provide this opportunity to many more emerging leaders," said Travis.

Later this fall, AIBS will announce the competition for the 2018 Emerging Public Policy Leadership Award.

More information about the AIBS Emerging Public Policy Leadership Award program is available at

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