March 2, 2020


The AIBS Public Policy Office has released its annual report for 2019. Read about our achievements in science policy.

Highlights include:

  • Called on the Office of Science and Technology Policy to coordinate a government-wide initiative to build the Extended Specimen Network.
  • Expressed support for the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program.
  • Helped 167 scientists become advocates for science.
  • Facilitated 127 meetings between scientists and policymakers.
  • Urged lawmakers to pass appropriations and end a partial government shutdown.
  • Helped increase spending caps on discretionary spending and secure suspension of budget sequestration.
  • Recognized for advocacy on behalf of scientific collections with an award.
  • Worked with the community to oppose a rule narrowing the definition of the "Waters of the United States."
  • Endorsed legislation to improve scientific educational infrastructure in rural schools.
  • Supported legislation safeguarding federally funded research from growing threats from foreign interference, cyberattacks, theft, and espionage.
  • Urged the Administration to consider a wide range of stakeholder perspectives as well as impacts on collaborative science when developing policies and procedures that address foreign influence on research.
  • Opposed devastating budget cuts to the University of Alaska system.

Read the 2019 Public Policy Office Annual Report:

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