May 23, 2017


The American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS), a leading scientific society, is concerned by the billions in cuts to science proposed in President Donald J. Trump's 2018 budget request.

"The Administration's budget request stifles innovation, future economic growth, and job creation," said Dr. Robert Gropp, Co-Executive Director of AIBS. "These deep cuts to scientific research and education programs will negatively impact our ability to improve public health and solve environmental problems for years to come."

President Trump released preliminary details regarding spending in fiscal year 2018 in March. Today, the White House released the full details of the administration's first budget request.

Most federal research programs are facing cuts on the order of 10 percent or more.

  • Science and Technology within the Environmental Protection Agency is cut by $255.7 million (-36.2%).
  • Funding for Agricultural Research Service (excluding facilities) is cut by $237.1 million (-20.3 percent).
  • Funding for the National Institutes of Health is reduced by $6.6 billion (-19.9 percent).
  • The Department of Energy Office of Science is cut by $919.5 million (-17.1 percent).
  • The U.S. Geological Survey's budget is cut by $163.0 million (-15.0 percent).
  • $402.3 million is cut from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration research, operations, and facilities (-11.9 percent).
  • The National Science Foundation loses $819.3 million (-11.0 percent).
  • Forest and Rangeland Research within the U.S. Forest Service is facing a $29.5 million cut (-10.2 percent).
  • Competitively awarded agricultural research grants lose $25.7 million (-6.9 percent).
  • Science within the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is cut by $53.1 million (-0.9 percent).

"For years, Congress has demonstrated bipartisan support for investing in science. I encourage them to continue to invest in our nation's future by rejecting the President's budget requests for scientific research and education programs. We should be investing in research and science education, which are the keys to opportunity," added Gropp.

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