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AIBS Public Policy Resources

Federal Budget Resource

The Federal Funding Process

The AIBS Public Policy Office (PPO) provides members of the biological sciences community with timely information about developments in the federal budget and appropriations process. Additionally, AIBS policy staff work to ensure that federal lawmakers understand how their actions relative to federal spending for scientific research impact biological sciences research and education. To this end, AIBS routinely provides formal and informal testimony to decision-makers in Congress and the Administration.

This portion of the AIBS website provides AIBS members with information and resources about the federal budget and appropriations process, with a primary focus on the agencies and programs supporting organismal and environmental biology research and science education. Additional information is reported every two weeks via the widely read AIBS Public Policy Report and through the monthly Washington Watch column in the journal BioScience.

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AIBS Federal Register Resource

The federal government publishes information about proposed and adopted federal regulations, notices of advisory meetings, and other significant federal actions in the United States Federal Register. AIBS Public Policy Office staff members monitor the Federal Register to identify and track actions that broadly impact biological science research and education public policy. The AIBS Federal Register Resource provides tips for submitting comments in response to Federal Register notices and Weekly Summaries of key items published in the Federal Register.

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