Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events and Opportunities to Get Involved: Webinars, Podcasts and Online Training

Join AIBS events online or in person to address emerging opportunities and challenges in data sharing; fostering improved understanding of peer review; policy development and advocacy; capacity building for scientific organizations; exploration of new career pathways; and much more.

AIBS Council Meetings

Per the AIBS Constitution, the Council meets annually to review the actions of, and make recommendations to, the AIBS Board of Directors.

AIBS Congressional Visits Day

Each year AIBS hosts a Congressional Visits Day in Washington, DC. This event is an opportunity for scientists to meet with their members of Congress about the importance of federal support for biological research and education.

Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits

Each year, the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) organizes an opportunity for scientists to inform the nation's science policy. The Biological Sciences Congressional District Visits event enables scientists to meet with their federal or state elected officials, and allows policymakers to learn first-hand about the science and research facilities in their district.

Member Organization Meetings

Many of AIBS's more than 150 member society and organizations host annual meetings and conferences to present timely research and developments in the biological sciences discipline related to their society. View a list, by date, of the various upcoming meetings presented by these societies.

Past Events

AIBS Cross-Generational Conversation Outcomes

AIBS hosted a first-of-its-kind event in June 2012, exploring key topics affecting the field and profession with a cross-generational group of invited individuals. Learn more about what we did.


Most recently, AIBS has started hosting webinar events. Plans are underway to present webinars on graduate student opportunities and resources and to highlight terrific new books on the public understanding of science and evolution. Click here for a list of our past webinar events.

AIBS Annual Meetings 1999-2009

AIBS has chosen to discontinue its annual meeting format as it has been held for the past ten years. For additional information we invite you to read "Did I Hear that AIBS is Changing it's Annual Meeting Format?". Browse past annual meeting.

AIBS Special Symposia

Annually, AIBS, along with the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, presented a new topic in evolutionary biology and gave an accompanying workshop. Additionally, as opportunities present, AIBS has hosted special symposia on broad education topics and policy issues. Read additional information on various past symposia.

The Presidents' Summits: Strategic Planning Conferences for Biology

In 1999 AIBS hosted its first-ever Presidents' Summit and strategic planning conference for the presidents and senior staff of all AIBS member societies and organizations.

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