At its Spring 2009 meeting, the AIBS Board of Directors passed the following resolution:

"In view of the changing times, the Board directs that the Annual Meeting be discontinued in its current format and transformed to meet the needs of the membership and utilize evolving communication technologies."

So the meeting format of two-days in the Spring in Washington DC that we've followed for the last ten years, which was itself a change from the previous format of larger multi-society meetings that we'd followed for almost 50 years has been revised beginning in 2010. We have started planning to put on, instead, a small handful of strategically timed, topic-specific, half-day events over the course of a typical year — usually with three or four speakers — in person in DC and online via webinars. Future meetings, conferences, and webinars will be announced on the AIBS website's home page and meetings section. The AIBS membership will be polled for comments on this new approach at some point in 2010 / 2011.

AIBS Annual Meetings historically provided focused discussion of timely subjects at the science-policy interface for an audience of professionals, educators, students, NGO staff, government scientists, members of Congress, and the media. Attendees heard from distinguished plenary speakers and panelists presenting synthesizing lectures from the forefront of their fields, then joined those speakers and other equally notable scholars in panel sessions and informal discussion groups. The meetings also include a contributed poster session and student competition, presentation of AIBS awards, and workshops.

Articles derived from many of the presentations were later published in BioScience and

Browse past Annual Meetings themes and recordings:

  • 2009: Sustainable Agriculture: Greening the Global Food Supply
  • 2008: Climate, Environment, and Infectious Diseases
  • 2007: Evolutionary Biology and Human Health
  • 2006: Biodiversity: The Interplay of Science, Valuation, and Policy
  • 2004: Invasive Species: A Search for Solutions
  • 2003: Bioethics in a Changing World
  • 2002: Evolution: Understanding Life on Earth
  • 2001: From Biodiversity to Biocomplexity
  • 2000: Challenges for the New Millennium

You can also browse schedules from past meetings: 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006

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