In 1999 AIBS hosted its first-ever Presidents' Summit and strategic planning conference for the presidents and senior staff of all AIBS member societies and organizations. Subsequent summits are now being planned.

Held November 11 through 14 at the Airlie Center in Warrenton, Virginia (, the 1999 summit was a demonstration of AIBS's dedication to serving a unifying function for the biological community. AIBS funded, for each member society and organization, their president's travel and accommodation expenses to attend. Prominent biologists, professional facilitators, and representatives from public and private funding organizations, educational institutions, and policy centers were among the invited guests and featured speakers. Half-day sessions were devoted to such central topics as:

  • Research Priorities in Organismal and Integrative Biology
  • Biology and "Big Science"
  • Research Funding from Public and Private Sources
  • Public Policy Representation for Biologists
  • Biological Education and Public Outreach
  • Career Training and other Professional Issues


The following documents from the 1999 Presidents' Summit are available as pdf files:

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