All undergraduate and graduate students participating in the AIBS Annual Meeting contributed poster session are eligible to take part in the Student Poster Competition. Posters are recognized for distinction in research, as well as for relevance to the meeting's theme. Judges use the following criteria to evaluate each poster:

  • Relevant literature citations
  • Viable hypothesis and research questions
  • Appropriate methodology
  • Clear explanation of experimental methods
  • Appropriate data analysis
  • Logical conclusions and inferences drawn from data analysis
  • Strong justification for the significance of the research

Recipients of the award will be announced during the meeting's awards ceremony. Awardees receive a complimentary one-year AIBS membership and BioScience subscription, and a certificate or plaque.

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Poster Size: Posters can be no larger that 4*8

Past Awardees


Iman Sylvain, Howard University. Comparison of fitness in the hyperaccumulator alyssum murale in soils with and without nickel

Pamela Chacha, Lisa Zhao, Kietsuda Luengwilai, and Diane M. Beckles, University of California, Davis. Starch morphology and biosynthesis in tomato


Stacey A. Gorski, William R. Law, and Vandana A. Miller. University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. Characterization of the A3 Adenosine Receptor Profile of HL-60 Promyelocytes During Maturation and Activation

Anna M. Stewart, Mercy J. Borbor-Cordova, Mary Hayden, and Raul Mejia. SUNY ESF. Developing a Spatiotemporal Model of Dengue Fever Transmission in Ecuador


Best poster overall: Lisa A. Pfeifer. University of Maryland. Nucleotide Sequence Variation and Balancing Selection at the Oxytocin Receptor (OXTR) Locus in Ethnically Diverse Human Populations

Best poster relevant to meeting's theme: Jennifer R. Honda. University of Colorado at Denver Health Sciences Center. The Role of HIV and HIV Tat-Mediated Cathelicidin and Mycobacterium Exposure in Human Macrophages

Honrable mention: Felicia I. Gomez. The George Washington University. Nucleotide Diversity and Signatures of Natural Selection in Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1 (ICAM-1)


Best poster: Michelle D. Nicholson, Howard University. Ecological Effects of Thyme Essential Oil: Stimulation of Nodulation in Clover

Best group poster: Rysanek Rivera, Maria Harvey, Jermaine Lawson, and Aurin Disla, The City College of New York. Benthic Marine Mollusk Biodiversity in the Dominican Republic: Constructing an 8 million Year History of Ecological and Evolutionary Change.

Best poster relevant to meeting's theme: Courtney A. Schultz, University of Montana. Dealing with Scientific Uncertainty in Forest Policy and Planning

Additional Resources

The following online resources can assist you in preparing your poster:

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