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Getting Started with Cyberlearning in Biology Classes

Getting Started with Cyberlearning in Biology Classes

Location: American Institute of Biological Sciences, University of California Museum of Paleontology, National Association of Biology Teachers, and the Introductory Biology Project
Presented by: Kristin Jenkins and Sam Donovan

Webinar Description:

Everyone is buzzing about the potential impact of social networking, web 2.0 tools, and emerging communications technologies on science education. This webinar will introduce "cyberlearning" as a framework for using these tools to support learner-centered approaches to biology education. Cyberlearning is not about course management or distance education delivery. Instead, cyberlearning focuses on the effective use of networked communications and computational tools to engage in important scientific and learning practices. Cyberlearning means that biology content and learning strategies can be personalized for and by students using information and tools available through the web. This webinar will give you the opportunity to explore several cyberlearning resources and provide examples of how these approaches can be used in biology courses. Participants in this webinar will be expected to work collaboratively to complete short (1-2 hour) pre-webinar activities.

This webinar is the fourth in a series of webinars offered by AIBS, NABT, UCMP, and IBP to support the community of educators teaching introductory biology. Each webinar in the series will offer information about a great teaching resource or pedagogical technique and provide the opportunity to interact with resource providers and your colleagues about successful teaching strategies.

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For complete information about pre-webinar activities go to the C3 Ning group.

About the presenters

Kristin Jenkins

Kristin Jenkins

Kristin Jenkins earned her B.A. in Cell Biology and Biochemistry at the University of California, San Diego, in 1988 and her Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Arizona in 1996. After a brief post-doctoral position in the biotechnology industry, Kristin decided to go into biology education. Her career path has included teaching high school and college, curriculum development, professional development and working with underserved students. Currently, Kristin works in the Education and Outreach group at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center and with BioQUEST. In these roles, she collaborates with other groups, such as Understanding Evolution and AIBS, to generate and distribute resources and professional development opportunities for biology educators. Her specialties are evolution and biotechnology, but recently her interest in educational technology and particularly in the use of the internet have lead her into some very interesting projects such as Sam Donovan's C3.

Sam Donovan


Sam Donovan is a science educator in the Biology Department at the University of Pittsburgh. He is also the Director of Undergraduate Programs with the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium. Sam's academic history and professional experience bridge the sometimes daunting chasm between research science and formal education training. He received his B.S. in Biology at Virginia Tech and M.S. in Ecology and Evolution at the University of Oregon. Teaching and curriculum development opportunities led him to two related conclusions - he really enjoyed teaching and secondly, that it would be valuable to know more about education theory and research. The next stop was a Ph.D. in science education at the University of Wisconsin - Madison combined with a visiting position in the Biology Department at Beloit College. Sam is now a Research Associate Professor in Biology at Pitt and stays busy collaborating on a wide array of national curriculum and faculty development project.

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