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Emerging Public Policy Leadership Award

Recognizing student leadership in science policy to ensure a bright future for biology.

About the Award

AIBS established the Emerging Public Policy Leadership Award (EPPLA) to engage scientists in the public policy process. The award recognizes graduate students in the biological sciences who are demonstrating an interest and aptitude for working at the intersection of science and policy.

EPPLA recipients receive an expense paid trip to Washington, DC to participate in meetings with their congressional delegation, communications and policy training, and a one-year subscription to BioScience.

Read about the outcomes and benefits of the EPPLA program.

Apply for the Emerging Public Policy Leadership Award

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2024 award.
Daniel Shaw, Claire Lewis, Acer VanWallendael, & J.P. Lawrence at our 2019 Congressional Visits Day event. Credit: Claire Lewis

Daniel Shaw, Claire Lewis, Acer VanWallendael, & J.P. Lawrence at our 2019 Congressional Visits Day event. Credit: Claire Lewis

Our Past Recipients


Alex Rich
EPPLA Recipient
Efraín Rodríguez-Ocasio EPPLA Recipient
Hannah Henry Honorable Mention
Harrison Watson Honorable Mention


Mohammad Inam Jameel EPPLA Recipient
Elena Suglia EPPLA Recipient
Emma Thrift Honorable Mention


Michael McCloy EPPLA Recipient
Heidi Waite EPPLA Recipient
Jennifer Brown Honorable Mention


Shyla Cooks EPPLA Recipient
Karl Palmquist EPPLA Recipient
Talia Henkle Honorable Mention
William Makoto Ota Honorable Mention


Renee Collini EPPLA Recipient
Corinn Rutkoski EPPLA Recipient
Audrey Haynes Honorable Mention
Lyda Harris Honorable Mention


Barbara Del Castello EPPLA Recipient
Brian Lovett EPPLA Recipient
Amrita Banerjee Honorable Mention
Alexandra Chirakos Honorable Mention


Joanna Bairzin EPPLA Recipient
Karena Nguyen EPPLA Recipient
Brynn O'Donnell Honorable Mention
Lauren White Honorable Mention


Stephanie Bora EPPLA Recipient
Kathleen Lyons Honorable Mention
Ellen Wann Honorable Mention


Julia Omotade EPPLA Recipient
Don Gibson Honorable Mention
Kevin Morris Honorable Mention
Caroline Smith Honorable Mention


Taylor Herren EPPLA Recipient
K. Jones-Jamtgaard EPPLA Recipient
Julia Behnfedt Honorable Mention
Don Gibson Honorable Mention
Tanisha Williams Honorable Mention


Andrew Adrian EPPLA Recipient
Amalia Aruda Almada EPPLA Recipient
Sonja Brooks Honorable Mention
Keerthi Shetty Honorable Mention


Jennifer Rood EPPLA Recipient
Paul Tanger EPPLA Recipient
Julia Bradley-Cook Honorable Mention
Stephanie DeLuca Honorable Mention
Pacifica Sommers Honorable Mention


Lida Beninson EPPLA Recipient
Andrew Reinmann EPPLA Recipient
Lindsay Chura Honorable Mention


Wesley Brooks EPPLA Recipient
Michael Jay Walsh Honorable Mention


Meredith Niles EPPLA Recipient
Ryan Richards EPPLA Recipient
Leslie Smith EPPLA Recipient


Adam Roddy EPPLA Recipient
Anna Maria Stewart EPPLA Recipient


Cheryl Logan EPPLA Recipient
Caroline Ridley EPPLA Recipient


Amber Szoboszlai EPPLA Recipient
Sarah Wright EPPLA Recipient
Kyle Brown Honorable Mention
Jenna Jadin Honorable Mention


Christopher Hofmann EPPLA Recipient
Madhura Kulkarni EPPLA Recipient
Holly Menninger Honorable Mention
Mindy Richlen Honorable Mention


Karen Deen Laughlin EPPLA Recipient


Allison Vogt EPPLA Recipient
Heidi Weiskel EPPLA Recipient


Esther Ellsworth EPPLA Recipient
Lisa Wall EPPLA Recipient