AIBS is dedicated to improving biological science literacy at all levels of formal and informal education so that the public is able to make decisions informed by the biological sciences, particularly through an understanding of the process and nature of science and how biology informs societal issues. AIBS works with organizations in biology and across the scientific community to advance knowledge about issues and best practices to improve public understanding of science.


Through its Education Programs, AIBS is committed to improving undergraduate biology education by increasing the capacity of leadership for change. It is envisioned that through our work ultimately all biology students at all institutions will understand the dynamic, exciting nature and process of science, core biological concepts, and key competencies. Their understanding will allow them to use biological knowledge and the scientific process to make informed decisions and solve real-world problems in their personal and professional lives.

As a result of our work:

  • A team of 40 Vision and Change Leadership Fellows were selected through a peer-review process in part facilitated by AIBS to move institutional reform efforts forward at the departmental level through the Partnership for Undergraduate Life Science Education (PULSE) initiative. The work of the PULSE Fellows is supported by AIBS, allowing them to promote their work to the broader undergraduate biology education community and encourage participation in their efforts to catalyze department-level transformation at all types of institutions.

  • The community is learning about the leadership needs within undergraduate life science education through the work of the AIBS Education Committee's Faculty Leadership Development Study.

  • Our Eye on Education articles in BioScience describe successful programs, current issues, and new reports and recommendations in biology education.

  • Individuals leading the education programs within life science societies and organizations have opportunities to communicate about their work to improve undergraduate education and explore our collective impact through the Professional Societies Alliance for Life Science Education.

  • Through our participation in Sustainability Improves Student Learning in STEM, biology educators are aware of the value of increasing students' understanding about real-world issues and connecting these topics to the concept of sustainability.

  • Faculty, education researchers, representatives from scientific societies and others invested in improving the undergraduate introductory biology experience have come together through the Introductory Biology Project

  • The Understanding Evolution website has new teaching and learning resources for the undergraduate community.

AIBS partners and collaborates in the following biology education initiatives:

Recent reports that are accelerating biology education reform at the precollege and college levels:

AIBS provides information about career options:

Visit Careers in Biology and connect to information found on our member society websites about more specific career choices.

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