December 2, 2013


The Genetics Society of America (GSA) is actively soliciting submissions for a repository of excellent genetics education resources. GSA Peer-Reviewed Educational Resource Portal (GSA PREP) hopes to:

  • Provide educators with access to resources that can be immediately used in the classroom or laboratory
  • Ensure quality using a peer-review process that assesses the core concepts and core competencies enhanced by the resource
  • Provide authors with a citable peer-reviewed online publication

GSA PREP is an excellent place for educators to submit quality material they have developed for their courses. Because you need only submit the resource and a short justification-not an extensive evaluation of its effectiveness-there’s no need to seek approval from an institutional review board or gather and analyze detailed assessment data. Additionally, the turn-around time for peer review is three weeks!

GSA PREP is currently accepting submissions of Laboratory Exercises, Laboratory Protocols, In-class/Lecture Exercises, and Images/Animations. Please refer to the instructions for authors for more detail.


GENETICS, the flagship journal of the Genetics Society of America, introduced a new type of article called Primers in 2012, designed to make it easy to bring primary research literature into the classroom. Each Primer is tied to a current article in GENETICS and lays out the necessary background (i.e., what was the question and why did that question matter?), explains the hypothesis or approach, describes the methodology, guides the reader through the results, and provides a precise summation of the discussion. The goal is not to replace the article, but rather to make the article more accessible to students. Having a Primer in hand will make choosing an article and teaching it effectively much easier for educators. However, our real hope is that the Primer will be the “jumping off” point that allows students to dive confidently into the article. We invite you to begin using this invaluable tool in your classroom!

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